WORKSHOP: Camera-less photography

Workshop: Camera-less photography, Union Street, Maidstone, November 2012

Making Art Work members Ali Farmer, Fleur Alston and Karen Crosby focus on the basic principles of photography created by the registration of light, and on developing photographic images without the aid of a camera.  They experiment with photogram’s using a cyanotype process and making a camera obscura. Cyanotypes are an old monochrome photographic process that gives a cyan-blue print – a simple process that involves controlling how sunlight or ultra violet light reaches a surface coated with blue light sensitive emulsion. If a stencil, a negative transparency or object holds the light back, this area remains white, creating a photographic image.

The camera itself for the Camera obscura is a darkened room with a small hole to create a shutter. The back wall is lined with photographic paper – when the shutter opens light is directed through a lens capturing the image from outside.