We love the house with the RED DOOR…

Project: Union Street pop-up, Maidstone, winter 2012/13

Well, we popped up at No. 23 Union Street and now it’s time to, yes – pop off. At least for now until our next adventure!

We tested the demand in Maidstone for artist studio spaces and we started to make a noise about what we want to do and we met a whole load of lovely new people.  Three months was us just dipping our toes in the water and testing the scale of our ambitions.  Our 3 month pop-up lease ended on 16th December and as we had no takers for artist studio space we decided to leave it there for now in terms of renting a permanent home, but we’ll continue with our artist talks and put on exciting, innovative and professional exhibitions and grow our co-operative membership.

Thanks so much RedAnt and the Arts Council – now we’re in the position to grow our co-operative on solid ground.

So watch out to see what we get up to next………