Aslı Shehi

Asli Sheli

In my photographs, I question the conventions of what is normal, beautiful, good and familiar and what is not. I explore the tensions between opposing notions such as desire and disgust, or beauty and the sublime. I use the camera to reveal my personal interpretations of the tensions created when opposing binaries interact.

My work has always been concerned with fragmenting, distorting, cropping, reducing and repetition in order to reconstruct a new image or collection of images with a sense of abstract and ambiguity. I aim to create curiosity but leave traces or hints to spark a sense of familiarity.

Bataille argues that everything this binary of an ‘elevated’ and a ‘low’ use; the mouth, for example, can be used for speaking or for spitting. This idea of ‘the elevated’ and ‘the low’ shapes my work; my own personal anxieties over the conflict of acceptable or unacceptable translate into the images I create.




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