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Christina France

Lost and Found

Fleur Alston

planthunter small

Camilla Swire

Camilla Swire, 'Noble East Kent Goldings', detail

Vicky Partner



Toulie, 'Mitochondria'

Ali Farmer

Ali Farmer

Angela Wooi

Angela Wooi, 2013

Suzie Dafforn

Suzie Dafforn, 'Billy Diver' (detail)

Linda Simon

Linda Simon, detail from 'Sleep Pattern', 2016

Sue Batt

Sue Batt, 'And if One Green Bottle Should Accidentally Fall', detail

Ruth Payne

Ruth Payne, 'Mobility Stacks', from the Museum of Liminology, installed in 'A Fine Line', 2014

Deborah Humm

The Extreme Randomness of MS

Carole Robson

Carole Robson, 'Night Grasses'

Catherine Sibley

Catherine Sibley, 'The Centurion', (2001), by Daniel Wiltshire (1975-2014)

Sarah Abercrombie Jones

Into The Woods

Shirley-Ann Galbraith

The Modern Day Prometheus (hybrid)

John Woodberry

John Woodberry, 2014

Aslı Shehi

Asli Sheli

Jenny Fairweather

Jenny Fairweather, 'Earmarked for demolition', Preston Hall Colony, May 2015

Veronica Tonge

Veronica Tonge, 'The Pub Witnesses', detail
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