Korinna McRobert’s ASHA performance at SHIFT

Korinna McRobert, still from 'Asha'

Exhibition performance: Asha, Korinna McRobert, SHIFT, The Bowerhouse, Maidstone, October 2013

Performed as part of Making Art Work’s exhibition SHIFT which referenced transformation, the work follows a point in the life of Beryl Gascoigne Hibbert and her transformation into Asha. She was one of the first women to protest against apartheid.  She was disguised as a wife, a beauty, a mother, a poet. The only identity that sat was that of the curious. In exploring both her spontaneous anti-apartheid protests in South Africa that spanned from the 1940s to the 1960s, and her published poetry about love and loss, Korinna came to believe that Asha is historically one of the first performance artists. The piece encompasses video footage of Korinna’s site-specific performances in South Africa which were inspired by her own experiences, beside a multidisciplinary installation which comprises of a video projection and live art within the given space.

Previously seen at Limbo, Margate and Dover in colloboration with DAD, Asha continues to tour throughout Kent and London.

An Arts Council England funded project supported by DAD and FrancisKnight.

Korinna McRobert


Images curtesy of Cathy Rogers, Alex Paterson and Korinna McRobert.