How to Use Social Media Effectively

Workshop: How to use social media effectively, by Tea Social run at Stepping Stones Studios, Maidstone, February 2013

How to use social media, particularly geared for those working in the visual arts.  This session was led by Tea Social a groovy bunch based at CoFWD in Rochester.

“Through years of experience in the parallel worlds of social media and Internet moderation (we formed from Chat Moderators), our team has developed a mind-set that is very different from other social media companies. We understand not only how to make conversations start, but also how conversations can continue and grow. We’ve seen online conversations that have lasted for years – even longer than the existence of Twitter or Facebook. We have been involved in “shaping those conversations at the needs of our clients – allowing some to expand into tangents and ensuring others are kept on a narrower track. Further to this, our knowledge of legal issues surrounding user-generated content is extensive (see our moderation page) and sets us apart from other social media companies.


  • A general overview of Social Media Tools (facebook, twitter, blogging and maybe the difference between Tumblr and Pinterest)
  • The major differences between them and the best ones for visual artists
  • General outline on how to use these tools effectively
Images of the session: