TIME exhibition


An exhibition of contemporary art by members of Making Art Work.  

Once again, we return to Maidstone Museum to present new work from our members exploring the past, present and future of our history, memory and reality. The exhibition showcases a diverse and dynamic range of processes and materials that question the nature of time.

Maidstone Museum, Bentlif II & Bearstead-Bentlif Art Galleries
Saturday 14 May – Saturday 25 June
Private view: Saturday 14 May (time to be confirmed)

A review of Making Art Work’s EDGE exhibition

This is a reiew of EDGE by a reviewer who wishes to remain anonymous.

Details: Below 65 Gallery 2-30th September 2015

MAKING ART WORK is a Maidstone-based art community with around 50 members. Most are arts graduates, some with a track record of exhibiting internationally and others in London galleries

Maidstone’s contemporary art scene is currently developing. The town is home to well-known artists Ralph Steadman and Graham Clark, the former having a major retrospective at the Bentlif Gallery in 2014 and the latter lending his name to the Hazlitt Art Centre’s Gallery.

MAKING ART WORK aims to produce an annual local exhibition. In 2014 the group exhibited at the Bentlif Gallery in Maidstone on the theme of ‘Response’.  Another exhibition, in the same venue, is planned for 2016 on ‘Time’.

This year’s theme, hosted by Gilbert and Clark at Below 65, is the concept of the ‘Edge’. As reflected in the varied works on display the key idea is of imminent transition between one state and another. The idea has been expressed variously in different forms and styles but three works in particular have captured the sense of this interface.

Distortion by Paula Trower presents a knife in the water. The piece comprises a stainless steel knife resting at an angle in a glass half filled with water. This may be an oblique reference to Polanski’s 1960’s film of the same name.  In one interpretation the work can be taken as a metaphor for the continuous interface with the manufactured steel of the knife reflecting the rational conscious and the water the great ocean of the unconscious.

Elizabeth Burman Smith’s Cutting Edges Collage Series offers a collage series mixing photographic images and stills. Intentions aside, these works seem to play on the idea of interfacing and so parallel universes allowing images to be repeated ad infinitum. And by taking the concept a stage further the collages can become a meditation on life and death- those in the collages now almost certainly dead but somehow living on.

Earmarked for Demolition 3 & 4 Preston Hall Colony by Jenny Fairweather documents, by a series of interior photographs, condemned cottages prior to being demolished. With the play of light and dark the thought that comes to mind is the all too human theme of change, decay, regret and eventual loss, especially as these cottages now no longer exist. Thus for the cottages read children leaving home, parents and grandparents dying and the loss of friends

As represented by the three works selected for review, which had specific appeal to me, MAKING ART WORK has been able to produce an exhibition that simultaneously tantalises, intrigues and provokes.

More information about the show

Work left to right: Paula Trower, ‘Distortion’ / Elizabeth Burman-Smith, ‘Cutting Edges’ collage series / Chris F. Clark, ‘Edging Forward One’ / Clara Castner, ‘Untitled’ / Toulie and Angela Carol Stocker, ‘The First Step’ / Sue Batt, ‘They Paved Paradise’ / Julia Groves, ‘The Edge of the Path’ / Sonia Elizabeth Barrett (foregound), ‘Felt Slippers for Migrants “Citizens” on the Edge’


Work, left to right: Jenny Fairweather, ‘Earmarked for Demolition 3 & 4′, Preston Hall Colony, May 2015 / Karen Crosby, one image from series, ‘Dreamscape’ / Veronica Tonge (foreground), ‘Debris’

Making Art Work’s ART MARKET comes to Maidstone!

Experience everything the vibrant contemporary art scene has to offer on Saturday 19th September at the ART MARKET in Maidstone’s historic Lockmeadow Market Hall.

The ART MARKET features 80 stalls of work by nationally and internationally exhibiting artists from across Kent and the South East, showcasing some of the best contemporary art available. Exhibitors include Emily Tull, Hannah Adamaszek, Rennie Pigrem, Leuan Edwards and a whole host of others! Emily was a national finalist in the Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year competition, whilst Hannah pushes the boundaries and gives a fresh lease of life to street art. Rennie is best known for his award-winning music performed around the world and uses photographs from his travels as a starting point for his work. Leuan is a Broadstairs based print maker who produces stunning artworks for album covers and books.

The ART MARKET has partnered with Lili Westlake, the creative mind behind Arty Farty Open Mic and Art Nights, to plan an eclectic programme of singers, poets, dancers and performers throughout the day. One of the highlights is a performance by the talented Bill Lewis, best known for being a member of the legendary Medway Poets Group alongside Billy Childish, Sexton Ming, Charles Thomson and Rob Earl.

We’re also running a charity art auction with proceeds going to two selected charities – Maidstone and Mid Kent MIND and The Foundling Museum. We’ve received generous donations towards this event from artists including Ralph Steadman, Billy Childish, Gavin Turk, Stuart Semple (ambassador of Mind), Tessa Farmer, Nick Veasey, Sadie Hennessey, and celebrity double Olympic gold winner Dame Kelly Holmes, plus many more. Go to to view donations and to place secret bids in advance of the final auction at the MARKET on Saturday afternoon hosted by Raj Bisram of Channel 4’s Four Rooms.

We have commissioned local artist Susie Dafforn to create a design for a limited edition print inspired by the Fremlin elephant. The work cleverly combines references to Maidstone’s brewing history and traditional Nepalese elephant decoration. Suzie’s design will be unveiled on the day and visitors will be able to use it to print their own piece of work. There will also be the opportunity to win a limited edition print by entering a free prize draw as you arrive at the ART MARKET.


The ART MARKET takes place at Market Hall, Lockmeadow, Baker Road, Maidstone, ME16 8LW, Saturday 19th September, 9:00am to 4:00pm, free entry

The closing auction takes place at the MARKET at 3:00pm to 4:00pm on the 19th September

EDGE Exhibition – September 2015

Open: Wednesday 2nd to Wednesday 30th September, 9:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Saturday
Preview: Thursday 3rd September, 6:00pm to 8:30pm

EDGE is set to be an exciting, diverse show. 21 Making Art Work artists are taking part in this themed show in Maidstone’s Below 65 Gallery.  Artists are working in varied media on new pieces exploring the concept EDGE. Running in conjunction with the Art Market, EDGE is providing members with an opportunity to showcase their individual, contemporary takes on the theme in a key, town centre commercial gallery with an established, varied audience.  Below 65 has built up a reputation for hosting exceptional shows of Kent, London and even international artists.

EDGE flyer – high resolution

EDGE flyer – low resolution

Work includes a mixture of pottery, photography, sculpture, paintings, mixed media, and 3D work. Quotes from some of the participating artists:

Karen Crosby ‘As a photographer I explore the captured moment as an important concept of a pause…I am interested in how things connect and break down subjects of current form to reveal a different view of the world, on the edge of reality.’

Extract from quote from Angie Stocker and Toulie: ‘The line between two surfaces is an edge’…and their ‘collaboration titled “the First Step” represents the meeting of two fabric sculptures resulting a stream of creativity, spiralling and tumbling down the step…’

Asli Shehi ‘My work in general explores the tensions between opposite binaries such as desire and disgust, beauty or the sublime and so on. I am working on some ideas which derive from the meaning of ‘Edge’.  My aim is to capture the lines between these opposite binaries and create a new image.’

Jenny Fairweather: ‘The photograph looks into a house destined for demolition.  There is the broken edge of glass, which divides the interior and exterior, giving details of the derelict room and reflecting nature outside. I’m interested in the atmosphere and the traces left by people contrasting with the views of trees they once had.’

Shots of some of the work on show:


A review of EDGE