UCA Broadcast Media Students Video about the Project

Video: about Making Art Work and our experience in Union Street, by Nikki Gautam and Melissa Liddicoat

For three months during the winter of 2012 / 13, Making Art Work leased a building in Union Street, Maidstone to test how we might use such a space to make and show art

Whilst we were there two students, Niki and Mel from UCA’s Broadcast Media course, found us and asked if they could make a video about us and what we were up to as they were working on a project about the creative community of Maidstone. We replied ‘of course, come in we’d love you to talk about us and feature us in a little promo’, not that we’re shy or anything. Well as it turns out they made this which we think is fab! Thank you Niki and Mel.

The film also features work from our exhibition Text.